WC cubicles and partitions

ELTETE Rīga Ltd offers high-quality WC cubicles, shower and urinal partitions. Our products are sold not only in Latvia, but also in Europe: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and in Russia.

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001; ETA-01/0002.

ELTETE Rīga Ltd has a long work experience: it has operated in Latvian market for more than 20 years manufacturing WC cubicles and partitions and offering their installation in various public spaces.

ELTETE Rīga Ltd manufactures partitions both with standard dimensions and according to the dimensions provided by the customer.

Standard dimensions of partitions:

  • Door dimensions – 1,947x620 mm
  • Total height – 2,100 mm
  • Wall plate height – 1,980 mm
  • The length of the front wall and depth of partitions – according to the design.

We also offer non-standard solutions:

  • Cubicles from floor to ceiling.
  • Specially designed cubicles for nurseries.
  • Cubicles for people with disabilities.
  • Fitting room cubicles with or without door.

Cubicles can also be installed in rooms with barriers: windows, windowsills, radiators, pipes, lowered ceiling and elevated floor, sewage pipe boxes, etc.

The structure based on a 24 mm moisture-resistant chipboard with two sided lamination (22+1+1), with plastic or melamine. For rooms with increased moisture rate we produce partitions of 10 mm monolithic laminate. Partitions are available in different colors; metal parts are made of anodized aluminum in natural color.

The set includes all the parts of partitions, aluminum profiles, locks and the rest of the connecting fittings.

Our specialists can perform the installation work and deliver the cubicles to the site. Installation of cubicles is very simple and many construction companies perform this work on their own.

Our specialists will gladly visit you at your site to present the material samples, answer your questions and carry out the necessary measuring tasks.

7 Advantages of choosing us:

1. Individual approach.
2. Broader selection of qualitative materials in Latvia.
3. Real experience in the Latvian market for more than 20 years.
4. Respond quickly. Just 7 days from ordering to installation.
5. Free of charge visit to the site and measurement by a specialist.
6. Long-term and reliable partner with more than a 2,000 real objects assembled across Latvia.
7. 24 mm moisture-resistant chipboard with two-sided lamination (22+1+1), providing a stable, secure and permanent structure.

You can receive more information by contacting us:

+371 28444117


Hoping for successful cooperation in future!